We have been working with an established recruitment agency that operates across the UK and Ireland providing Locums within the medical sector (both the NHS and private hospitals).We were invited in to review the back office processes, look to improve efficiencies, and build a platform to enable future growth.

The main objectives of the client were;

  • To be able to produce both management information used for financial overview, client reporting and performance management.
  • To improve invoice accuracy.
  • To reduce debtor days
  • To reduce the manual input to the pay cycle process by utilizing online time sheets.

Following on from our initial review and the clients requirements we agreed on a project plan for the restructuring of the back office business process utilizing new timesheet, accountancy and payments software, specifically the deliverables were;

  • To set up a new accounting platform, migrating data from historic solutions as well as data cleanse of locum data.
  • Implementing a self bill agreement and process with all Locums, implementing systems to issue self bill invoices and remittance advice.
  • Setting up an online timesheet portal that automated not only the timesheet approval process but also the overtime and commission calculations.
  • Automated and paperless invoicing.
  • Credit control process implemented
  • Transactional banking element of weekly pay cycle brought in house.

Having delivered all of the of the objectives it is visible that the changes have made a huge difference to the day to day running of the business, there were, like all change programs some resistance especially from a minority of the candidate base in moving away from paper timesheets however the benefits were quickly seen and attitudes changed. The improvements have enabled the back office finance team to support a period of unprecedented growth within the business including in the middle of implementation a surge in turnover of 30% in just 3 months and 60% over the year as a whole. The real benefit can be seen in that this has all been achieved with no extra headcount and a 90% reduction in payment transaction fees.

By engaging with Deleso the business has been free to focus on growth, both in turnover and head count which we are delighted to have seen culminate in the client moving to a new three times larger office in September 2014.

Majid, Managing Director of the agency has been delighted with the work done by Deleso and said “ Richard and Deleso have been instrumental in the company achieving such significant growth over the past 12 months, their input and operational changes have released me to focus on growing the business, confident in the knowledge that the extra complexities and volumes are all dealt with.”