Deleso was formed to enable Recruitment owners and Managers to focus their skills and efforts in areas they would get the most rewards, namely sales. By removing the burden of ‘back office’ tasks from talented and motivated professionals we are confident that the resulting energy and focus will transform the performance of any business.

Deleso was formed by Richard Smallman and David Mount who have extensive experience within the Recruitment and Accountancy sector. Richard has spent 9 years in the IT Financial Markets recruitment sector and was the Finance & Operations Director for a global business for the past 7 years. David Mount was the Managing Director of the 1st Group of Companies that provided Accountancy services and financial support to individuals and small and medium size businesses. By combining these two complementary skill sets Deleso is able to provide both a detailed understanding of the Recruitment sector and a proven track record of financial responsibility.

The name Deleso derives from the terms that encapsulate what we strive to deliver to the business owner “Delegated Solutions”. To do this we have focussed on 6 core pillars to our product offering, we believe that by delivering in all of these key areas we will enable your company to perform at the highest level whatever your sector and in a scalable and cost effective manner whatever your size.


We specialise in the whole Recruitment Back Office, these are the areas of focus;

Funding & Banking
The lifeblood of any staffing company! Recruit in absolute confidence knowing that you can fulfil the requirements.
Business Operations
Deleso's core objective is to remove all the non fee generating work away from you. No more red tape!
Accounting & Finance
Removing the worry, mistakes and time taken up by non revenue generating tasks.
Information Technology
Underpinning the Recruitment and providing a competitive advantage through tried and tested IT solutions.
Legal & Compliance
Protecting your business is as important as building it. Providing 'recruit specific contracts', agreements and checks.
Business Consulting
Director level Recruitment sector specialists on hand in the areas of Finance and Operations.


We are enthusiastic about the Recruitment Sector. We are so excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Richard Smallman
    Richard SmallmanManaging Director

    With over 10 years’ experience in the Recruitment sector, 7 of which as Global Finance & Operations Director I have gained a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the staffing sector.  From start-up through to rapid growth and ultimately overseas expansion I have dealt with many of the challenges and opportunities faced within the sector.

  • Lesley McDonnell
    Lesley McDonnellCustomer Services Administrator

    It is, without doubt, very important that our customers are happy and receive a first class service. I feel I am part of a very important team within Deleso. Working to strict deadlines but also providing excellent customer service is a very challenging but also a very rewarding role. With an excellent working environment and great people, it is a good place to be.